American Philosophical Association (APA)

Committee on the Status of Women

Charge to the Committee

The Committee is charged with assessing and reporting on the status of women in the profession. Among its responsibilities are to identify unfair or discriminatory practices and to advise the Board and the members of the Association of ways in which they may be rectified; to advise women philosophers concerning means of overcoming discrimination and gender-specific obstacles that they may encounter; and to make reports and recommendations to the Board concerning ways in which full and meaningful equality of opportunity can be provided to all individuals who seek to study, teach, or conduct research in philosophy. The Committee is concerned with teaching and research. It seeks to facilitate an understanding of issues of gender and of the range of positions represented in feminist theories and publishes the Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy.

The Editor of the Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy and the Director of the APA CSW Site Visit Program serve in ex officio capacities on this Committee.